International Conference on Regional Triple Helix Dynamics

Formatting rules

The submission of articles should follow the following rules:

  • An author cannot sign more than three jobs, and will only appear once as first author.
  • Articles should be submitted online: Helix 2016
  • Support for submission: PDF file / Ms Word file
  • Citation Style: American Psychological Association 6th edition (APA). References:

Article: Abramo, G., D’Angelo, C. A., Di Costa, F., & Solazzi, M. (2009). University–industry collaboration in Italy: A bibliometric examination. Technovation, 29(6-7), 498–507.
Chapter: Farinha, L., Gouveia, J. B., & Nunes, S. (2015). Drivers of Global Competitiveness as Economic Growth. In L. Farinha, J. J. M. Ferreira, H. Lawton Smith, & S. Bagchi-Sen (Eds.), Handbook of Research on Global Competitive Advantage through Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1st ed., Vol. 1, pp. 13–27). Hershey: IGI Global.

Formatting rules:

  • The text should be written in Microsoft Word 2010 or earlier format.
  • The text should be written in A4 format with simple and justified space. 2.5 cm margins on three sides (right, top and bottom) and 3.0 cm on the left.
  • Articles may not exceed 80,000 characters or 18 pages, including charts, tables and bibliography. They may be submitted in English. The references should appear in the final text. The first paragraph should be reserved for the name of the scientific area in which the authors propose that such information is included in capital letters, Times New Roman 10, normal, left justified.
  • After inserting a space (a blank line), the second paragraph should include the title of the paper in capital letters, Times New Roman, 12, bold and left justified.
  • After inserting a space (a blank line), must the third paragraph begin with the full name (s) of author (s), followed by email and institutional affiliation, Times New Roman, 11, Normal and right-justified. When more than one author, the remaining shall appear along different lines.
  • After two blank spaces (two blank lines) will start it fourth paragraph with the word “ABSTRACT” in capital letters, Times New Roman, 11, normal, left justified. The next line will begin the text of the abstract, Times New Roman, 11, normal and justified.
  • The abstract should not exceed 200 words.
  • The fifth paragraph should start with the “KEYWORDS” expression, should be mentioned keywords with Times New Roman, 11, normal, left justified and separated by commas. It should be indicated no more than five keywords.
  • After the keywords one line will be inserted.
  • After two blank spaces will be situated above the first and then the text, which should be written with Times New Roman, 10, normal, without tabulations, justified, separating paragraphs with a blank line.
  • The titles and subtitles of the text should be identified with Arabic numerals (1,2,3 …) in capital letters, Times New Roman, 10, bold, justified, preceded by two blank lines and followed by a blank line.
  • The page footnotes appear at the bottom with Times New Roman, 8, normal and justified.
  • Graphs or figures should be black and white and be inserted in the text. Preferably should be made with Microsoft Office applications, or alternatively, be inserted as images.